"Imagine the immensely long span of time that
humanity spent in the old stone age. What were they
doing for that tremendous period, almost a million
years long, more than one thousand times all of
known history? I believe that the men, at least, were
playing games.
Then women invented agriculture, and thus regular
jobs and schedules for the men to follow. Men could
no longer sit around trying out different herbs and
rolling knuckle bones to see which side came out on
All of a sudden, things were being 'carved in stone',
and 'rules were rules', and so forth. The first great age
of gaming was over, but  games did not quite die out...
    from the 1998 lecture "What the heck were
people doing all that time in the old stone age,
anyway?" by Paul Maybury Jr., little known writer and  
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...At first he thought a quake might be coming. Falling rock was certainly common
enough in everyday life on the world of Blood and Gold. Then he heard the chittering.
Now he knew his life had only moments to go unless every move he made in the next
minute was the right one at the right time. He ducked and rolled back as more rocks
missiled at him from the darkness. His right hand... from chapter one of
The Tale of
Read The Tale of Pardo, and his
adventures on the Seismic Sea
in the world of Blood and Gold!
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